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Planet 47 - Calendar 2O1O

A special calendar for year 2010 was published in December 2009.
You can download it here to see it in .pdf format.

Calendar 2O1O introduced Planet 47, the Down’s syndrome and children with DS who attended first dancing & painting workshop on "The Four Seasons" theme. The calendar also contains a positive thought for each day of the year (written in compliance with astrological aspects of the day by astrologer Baba Gaia Asta) and denotes important celestial events (Moon’s phases, Moon & the Sun entering new Zodiac signs, eclipses).

There was a blank cheque clipped into the calendar so people could donate any amount if they wished to do so. On the inside pages there was a mobile number 1919 for donating 1 € by sending a text message “DS” and thus help building Planet 47.

The calendar was dispatched in 185.000 copies together with a popular TV guide Vikend. The collected money was used to rebuild the first Centre’s house that is about to be open very soon – on May 28th 2010.

You can download free desktops – background photos of the months.